A standby generator represents a sizeable capital investment and can often support mission critical processes and facilities for large and medium sized companies.

Any generator failure to perform properly when suddenly started called upon is almost always accompanied by actual or potentially dangerous conditions and/or significant financial loss due to storms, brown outs or catastrophic situations. Periodic maintenance and testing are essential to ensuring that the generator unfailingly performs as expected when called upon to do so.

Most customers are well aware of the need for preventive/predictive maintenance and periodic operational test-running of their generator. However periodic load bank testing is another important element of a comprehensive generator preventive maintenance program but it is seldom required by legislation. A load bank is a stationary or mobile piece of equipment that provides an adjustable electrical resistance or reactance to simulate the actual electrical load that the generator is intended to power. Load bank testing simulates the electrical demands of one or more items of electrical equipment or specific processes within the plant or even an entire facility. During the testing process, REALPOWER monitors the engine and generator systems to ensure that each is doing its job and on completion provides a detailed report on the measured performance highlighting any potential areas of concern and recommending a solution.
Unexpected problems can be eliminated by periodic load bank testing

If a rated site load is unavailable for testing purposes then it is advisable to perform a load bank test on an annual basis because it can highlight or eliminate potential problems brought on by neglect or underutilization. Weekly test operations under no-load or light-load conditions do not permit the engine fluids to attain proper operating temperature. Cooling system controls may not be properly exercised which can prevent the coolant from circulating through radiators inviting failures stemming from inactivity. Engine safety shutdown systems are not subjected to actual operating conditions and are therefore not fully tested.
REALPOWER can provide all of the equipment necessary to conduct generator testing from 230Vac to 20KV resistive/reactive including cabling & switchgear.

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