Project Description


The client is a major telecommunications provider with a standby generator fleet of over 200 generators that include associated fuel storage systems of which most are underground. Recognizing the difficulty in ensuring the integrity of these tanks due to potential corrosion and the likely environmental impact of an undetected leak, a major replacement program was undertaken.

REALPOWER were at the forefront by providing technical and engineering solutions in the conversion to an above ground system ensuring that the critical emergency standby capability was maintained at all time. The elimination of all existing fuel transfer pumps, piping, valves and control systems have resulted in a simplified robust system where the generator engine operates directly from a new above ground tank. The specification required a minimum capacity of 3 x days running @ 100% load resulting in a bulk fuel storage reduction of several thousand litres to an average of 1000 litres. Scheduled fuel deliveries can be done on an outsourced contractual basis without direct features included:

  • A BS standard standardized tank design that accommodates all of the existing generator sizes and site locations
  • An external fuel fill cabinet system with anti-drip tray, audible & visual alarms and valves
  • Both Mechanical and Electrical Overfill alarm and protection devices
  • Adjustable low contents level alarm
  • Bund alarm
  • Fusible drop weight fires valve
  • Centralized monitoring

If you store large quantities of diesel fuel on site for your standby generator and would like to learn more without obligation, please don’t hesitate to contact us and as we would be delighted to discuss how you might be able to reduce any environmental exposure you might have and lower your fuel storage costs.